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Adding a Lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the lessons from any purchased libraries available in the customization tool?

Yes, with the exception of some of our MyPath content. Lessons from our Foundational Math and Foundational Reading ILPs cannot be added into other courses, so they will not appear when clients are customizing courses.

I'm looking for a specific lesson and it's not appearing in the customization tool. Why can't I see that lesson that I know is in another class we have access to in our school?

It's most likely that the library that contains that course is not enabled. Check the licensing tab to see what has been licensed or contact your Account Manager for support.

If a teacher includes lessons from other courses during the customization process, will students be assessed on those additional lessons?

Yes! Our assessments are dynamic and will be customized to assess students on the content assigned to them. Clients can blend and rearrange content as needed, and the tests and exams will update to reflect those changes.

Edgenuity used to have a feature called Insert Supplemental Activities. Where is that now located?

This is no longer available. There were many limitations to this feature, like scores not counting towards the overall grade for the course. Instead, clients can now freely customize a student's course and insert lessons from any library they have purchased. Bonus - any scores earned in the lessons added into their course will count towards the overall grade, so students earn credit on all of their work!

Follow these steps to learn how to add a lesson from the content library to a customized course.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Create Custom Courses" checked under School Courses. To validate your permissions, click here.

  1. Locate the unit where the lesson will be included. Click Add Lesson.
    MC- Customize- Add Lesson button.png
  2. Select Search Lesson Library.
    MC- Customize- click Search Lesson Library button.png
  3. Select the subject of the lesson you are looking to add.
    MC- Customize- subject.png
  4. You can either search a specific course from the Select Library option or you can enter in a Keyword Search.
    MC- Customize- select library or search.png
  5. If using the library, select the course you want to look in for lessons.
    MC- Customize- checkmark library.png
  6. Select Search.
    MC- Customize- click search.png
  7. A library will populate. If there are multiple pages of lessons, you will see it on the bottom left. Checkmark the lesson(s) you want to add.
    MC- Customize- checkmark lessons.png
  8. When you are ready to add the lesson(s), click Add Selected Lessons.
    MC- Customize- click add selected lessons.png
  9. Your new lesson(s) will appear first in the unit. If you do not want it there, move it.
    MC- Customize- lesson has been added.png
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