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Adding a New Project to a Lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the URL included in a teacher-authored activity by changed after enrollments are added or can documents be added to the project (activity)?

Yes, however there are some things to keep in mind for this:

  • If teachers want to affect current enrollments, they should click the option to Modify Course and In-Flight Enrollments for the Customize option
  • Links and docs can be added, edited, or deleted even after enrollments are added to a course
  • Activities that contain links or docs can only be modified by the user who created the activity
  • Link or doc updates affect all student enrollments where the activity hasn't been started yet
  • Link or doc updates will NOT affect students who have previously started the activity, or students who have already submitted the activity for a grade
  • Resetting the assignment will update the activity and bring in any changes to the links or docs
  • Link or doc updates affect all other customized courses that contain that same activity
  • Schools have to have the links included in their whitelist if they have any content filters blocking URLs on campus
Will teachers receive a prompt to grade the project (activity) added to a course?

Yes, once a student submits a project, a yellow grading alert appears on the Dashboard, prompting the teacher to grade the submitted work. The student can continue on in the course, but that activity will not count towards the course grade until the teacher assigns a score. Additional information on grading can be found here.

Will the score assigned to a project count towards the student's course grade?

Yes. When a new project is created, the last step is to choose the grade weight category. This is where the score will calculate towards the student's course grade.

If changes are made to a teacher-created activity, will the changes show for all students?

The changes will only show for the students who have not reached the activity yet. If you want students who completed the activity to access the updates, you'll need to reset the activity, which will force students back to complete the edited version of the activity.

If I make a change to the project I created, will it only change in the course I added it to?

No. The changes will be made in any course this teacher-created activity is included. If copies of the course are made, and the project is kept in the copies, any edits made will appear in all of those courses.

Follow these steps to learn how to add a project to a lesson in a customized course.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Create Custom Courses" checked under School Courses. To validate your permissions, click here.  

  1. Locate the lesson where the project will be included. Click Add Activity.
    MC- Customize- add activity button.png
  2. Select Project.
    MC- Customize- select project.png
  3. Click Create New Activity.
    MC- Customize- create new activity button.png
  4. Enter the required information for the project. Attach student resources, if desired.
    MC- Customize- activity name and description.png
  5. When done, click Save.
    MC- Customize- activity- click save.png
  6. The new project will appear as the first activity in that lesson. If located in the wrong place, move it.
    MC- Customize- activity- project listed.png


    • The person icon MC- Customizing- person icon.png shows the author of the activity. Only the creator of the activity can edit it.
    • The pencil icon MC- Customizing- pencil icon.png shows if the person customizing is the original author of the activity. 
    • The trash icon MC- Customizing- trash icon.png will delete the activity from the lesson. It can still be used in another lesson because it will now be part of the author's personal library of resources.




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