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Customizing a Course

Frequently Asked Questions

What permissions do I need to customize a course?
You need these three permissions:
  1. Create Custom Courses: This permission allows you to create a new course using an existing course as a template.

  2. Customize Course and In-Flight Enrollments: This permission allows you to remove content from a course and all enrollments.

  3. Edit Course Options: This permission allows you to edit course options at any time, including after you've customized a course.

Which courses should not be customized?

The following course types have specific requirements, and customizing them could create problems. Please review these guidelines before choosing one of these course types.

  • Advanced Placement® Courses: Edgenuity’s AP® Courses have been approved by The College Board and per their requirements, students must complete these courses in their entirety. You may choose to add content or reorder units of study, but if you remove content, you must submit the course to The College Board for approval.
  • Virtual Tutors Courses:These courses include diagnostic pretests and post-tests. If you remove content from a Virtual Tutors course, the pre- and post-tests will automatically adapt to exclude the content you removed during the customization process. However, if you add new content into a Virtual Tutors course, that content will not be assessed in either the pretest or post-test, and all students will be required to complete all new content you add. They will not be able to test out of these new lessons.
  • CTE Courses: Career Technical Education courses (like 3D Art, Game Design, etc.) have a unique course structure. You can reorder lessons in these courses, but because these courses are project based, you should avoid adding new content.
Is there any way to limit the courses teachers can customize to only the courses they have been assigned?

Yes! They can assign educators to their own sections of courses, and then edit their permissions so they are only allowed to customize the courses they've been assigned to by an admin or registrar.

Do the course syllabus and scope & sequence documents get updated automatically as clients customize courses?

No, these docs are not dynamic, so they will not update with customizations. This is also true of any student and teacher resources at this time. Clients should reference the original courses for the related course documents.

In Courseware, how do the exams work in a full year course?

When the both exams are included in the course, then the first exam will only include questions from the first semester, and the second exam will only include questions from the second semester. However, when the first exam is customized out of the course, the final exam would include 50 questions randomly pulled from the entire course - both first and second semester content.

If a course is assigned and no students access it, will users still be able to rearrange content and add their own content?

You can fully customize a course until there are enrollments. Once there are enrollments, customization is limited to removing content.

Approximately how long is a lesson?

Each lesson varies, but a good estimate is between 60 and 90 minutes long.

Can I customize eDynamic Learning courses?

Yes, but it should be noted that the assessments in these courses are not dynamic so students will still be assessed on the content.

If a lesson is removed, will the student be assessed over it?

No, the assessments are dynamic and will only assess students on the content active in a unit.

If a quiz is removed, will the student be assessed over it in the unit/topic tests and cumulative exams?

Removing only a quiz does not affect the question banks of unit/topic tests or cumulative exams. To remove a lesson's content from the tests and exam banks, the entire lesson needs to be removed.

What happens if a unit does not have enough lessons to populate a unit test?

If there are not enough questions to populate an assessment, then the assessment will be bypassed.

Which courses do not have dynamic assessments?

Our Purpose Prep, eDynamic Learning, World Language LMS, Powerspeak, and Career Electives courses do not have assessments that adapt to customizations.

If a student's course has been customized and then an educator customizes at the course level, will this affect the student's course?

The student's course will remain customized as-is. We assume if an enrollment is customized, the teacher’s intent was for this particular student to have a different course structure, so we do not override any enrollment changes at the course level.

Use this page to learn how to customize a course.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Create Custom Courses" checked under School Courses. To validate your permissions, click here.

  1. Under the Courses tab, select Manage Courses.
    Courses tab- Manage Courses.png
  2. Find the course with the filters or the search bar.
    MC- Manage Courses- searching.png

    Looking for a specific type of course? Here are some tips:

    • Courseware: Under Series, select either 10002000, or 3000. (Most updated courses are 3000-series courses). Then, select a Subject.
    • Advanced Placement (AP): Under Series, select AP.
    • Purpose Prep Courses: Under Series, select Purpose Prep SEL
    • Purpose Prep Modules: Under Series, select Purpose Prep SEL Modules
    • Powerspeak (AP Courses): Under Series, select World Language.
    • World Language: Under Series, select World Language LMS.
    • Virtual Tutors (VT): Under Series, select VT.
    • eDynamic Learning: Under Series, select eDynamic Learning Electives.
    • MyPath: Under Series, select ILP.
    • MyPath Placement Exam: Under Series, select Placement Exam.
    • Honors: Under Series, select Honors.
    • Career Electives: Under Series, select Career Electives.
    • Career Pathways: Under Series, select Career Pathways.
    • Fitness Courses: Under Series, select Fitness.
  1. Checkmark the box next to the course name. Click Customize.
    MC- Customize course- click customize button.png
  2. Click Create a new course based on this course.
    MC- Customize course- create new course option.png
  3. In order to personalize the course, customize the name. Click the pencil icon 5.1.png.
    MC- Customize course- click pencil icon.png