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Getting Started with Customizing

The customizing tool has many options. This page shows the main functions of the tool. Simply click on one to learn more about it.

MC- Customizing- start- all functions.png

Action Description
Search Bar Type a  specific Unit, Lesson, or Activity into the box. 
Expand All Opens all the Units in the course to see the lessons and tests housed within each one.
Filter Activity Types Allows you to take out the each activity type throughout the course.
Add a Unit Allows you to create your own unit. 
Dropdown Arrow Opens up the unit for you to see what lessons and tests are in it. 
Checkmark Box Informs you that the Unit, Lesson, or Activity is currently active in the course. 
Drag Handle MC- Customize- start- drag handle.png Feature that allows you to move the Unit, Lesson, or Activity. 


When customizing a student's course that is already in-flight, a white flag displays on the current unit and lesson of the student. The blue flag appears on the current activity.
MC- Customizing- flag.png

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