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Accessing the Assessment Questions and Answers

Use this page to find the questions and answers for an assessment. This page is not to view a student's answers.
  1. Under the Courses tab, select Manage Courses.
    Courses tab- Manage Courses.png
  2. Find the course using the filters or the search bar.
    MC- Search and Filter.png
  3. Checkmark the box next to the course.
  4. Under the More button, select View Course Structure.
  5. Find the lesson to view the assessment answers. Click Quiz Answers.
    MC- Viewing Assess Questions and Answers- click Quiz Answers.png
  6. All the assessment questions related to the lesson are found in the pop-up window. To view a question and answer, select a question number.
    MC- Viewing Assess Questions and Answers- click a question.png

    This is all the questions and answers for the assessment and is not student-specific.

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