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Edgenuity UpSmart® is a supplemental learning program designed to help all students in grades 6–8 demonstrate mastery of state standards in ELA and math. Here you will learn how to manage classes, assign topics to students, and understand the real-time data to identify where your students are struggling.

Welcome to UpSmart®, the ultimate teaching assistant! UpSmart can be used as a companion to classroom instruction and adapts to each individual student's needs. Designed to be used by every student, UpSmart provides them with highly engaging, adaptive, and interactive practice and instruction in grade-level skills.

UpSmart is highly customizable, so an educator can easily align it to the curriculum. And with its real-time data on student progress, these questions should be easily answered:

  • Which skills and standards have the students mastered, and where do they still need additional support?
  • Which skills and standards are difficult for the students, and how can the be grouped for reteaching?
  • Which of the students are at risk of not mastering standards or skills, and what additional support do they need?

View our Upsmart Student Orientation Video:


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