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UpSmart- Archiving Classes

Asked Questions

I archived my UpSmart class, but why are my students still able to work on the class?
This is an available feature for UpSmart classes. If you do not want your students to continue working in your UpSmart class and you've already archived it, use the Archived filter on the Manage Classes page to find your archived class, then disable or complete the active enrollments the same way you would if the class was active.
Can I enable an UpSmart class that was previously archived?
Yes! We released an update that allows teachers to enable previously archived UpSmart classes. 

Use this page to archive an UpSmart class.

When all students have completed their work in your UpSmart class, you may decide you want to remove your course from the active list. This helps keep your class management more efficient within Edgenuity.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Archive UpSmart Class" checked under UpSmart. To validate your permissions, click here

Before archiving your UpSmart class, we recommend that you manage the individual student enrollments first by either disabling the enrollments or completing the enrollments. Students who are actively enrolled can continue working in their UpSmart class, even if you archive the class. 

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Manage Classes.
    UpSmart tab- manage classes.png
  1. Checkmark the box next to the class.
    Archive class- checkmark class.png
  2. Click Archive Classes.
    Archive class- archive class button.png
  3. Select the radio-dial for the remaining enrollments to either be:
    • Marked complete- students cannot continue working in the class
    • Mark disabled- students cannot continue working in the class
    • Leave them in their current state- students  already enrolled will be able to continue working
    Archive class- enrollment choices.png
  4. Click Archive.
    Archive class- archive after enrollments.png
  5. On the confirmation screen, click OK.
    Archive class- click ok.png
  6. To find the archived class, change the Status filter to Archived, then click Apply.
    Archive class- filter by archived class.png
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