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UpSmart- Scheduling Individual Topics

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is expected for students to complete one level of a given topic (on average)?
The levels are adaptive, so the time can range significantly from student to student. On average, students will spend about 15-20 minutes for any specific level. Keep in mind that the gold level in the ELA courses includes writing responses, so students may spend a little more time in those levels. Some ELA topics include up to 6 skills, so that should also be taken into account when scheduling out the UpSmart topics.
Why don’t students see anything to work on when they log in to UpSmart?
Make sure that at least one topic has been unlocked so that students can work on that topic. When a class is first created, all topics are locked by default. Review the section below for instructions on how to Schedule Individual Topics.

Use this page to learn how to unlock and schedule topics within your UpSmart class to mirror your classroom instruction. Set unlock dates to prevent students from working too far ahead, and set due dates to provide guidelines for your students to complete their topics on time.

Initially, all content in the UpSmart class is locked and not accessible to enrolled students until the teacher chooses to unlock the topics. This allows the teacher to customize the availability of topics to match instructional pacing with the class. There is the option to unlock each topic on a certain date, and also set due dates. A teacher can schedule topics individually, or schedule multiple topics at the same time.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Manage UpSmart Topic Availability" checked under UpSmart. To validate your permissions, click here

Changes made to the topic availability dates will affect all students within your class.

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Manage Classes.
    UpSmart tab- manage classes.png
  1. Click the drop-down arrow under Actions of the course.
    US- Enroll students- dropdown arrow.png
  2. Select View Topics.
    US- View Topics- select View Topics.png
  3. Click the drop-down arrow under Actions for the row of the topic needing scheduling.
    US- View Topics- action dropdown arrow.png
  4. Click Update Availability.
    US- View Topics- update availability.png
  5. Set the Student Access
    • Unlocked: students can access the topic at any time. 
    • Locked: students cannot access the topic (default)
    • Locked Until: students cannot access the topic until a specific date

    US- View Topics- student access.png
  6. Set the due date. 
    • No Due Date: the topic will always be open and will never be shown as late (default)
    • Set Due Date: select the specific due date by typing the date or using the calendar pop-up

    US- View Topics- due date.png

    The Due Date cannot be set to a day that occurs prior to the "Locked Until" date.

  7. If the option to require prerequisites is enabled, the Required Topic Prerequisites must by scheduled or unlocked prior to the selected topic.
    US- View Topics- required prereq.png

    The prerequisite topic must be completed by the student before the selected topic will be unlocked.

    • If there are no prerequisite topics, this will display "None."
    • If there are prerequisites, there will be a disclaimer at the top: "Top prerequisites are required. The topics listed on the right must by completed BEFORE the topic you selected."
  8. Click Submit.
    US- View Topics- submit.png
  9. The topic list will be updated. View the changes under Student Access column.
    US- View Topics- action changed.png
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