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UpSmart- Scheduling Program Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Program Assessments be reset?

No, not at this time.

How many items are on each program assessment?

The assessments are static and contain between 30-50 items. Each assessment is split into two sections.

How long will each program assessment take, on average, for students to complete?

You should expect your students to take between 90 minutes and three hours to complete, depending on their pace and current knowledge of the skills assessed. Students are not required to answer all questions, but should be encouraged to answer as many as they can.

Can students save their progress on the Program Assessment?

Yes, their progress is automatically saved for them. They do not have to take any specific action for the system to save their progress.

Can students continue working on their UpSmart work during the time a program assessment has been scheduled?

Student work will be paused when the start date arrives for the program assessment. Students will be required to complete the assessments first before going back to work on their UpSmart topics. All progress is saved and students can pick up right where they left off.

Use this page to see what options were selected for the class.
  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Manage Classes.
    UpSmart tab- manage classes.png
  1. Checkmark the drop-down arrow of the class.
    US- Enroll students- dropdown arrow.png
  2. Select View Class Options.
    US- View Class Options- select View Class Options.png
  3. These are the class options chosen.
    US- View Class Options- see what was selected.png
  1. Click Edit.
    US- View Class Options- edit.png
  2. Next to Program Assessments, select the radio-dial option to Enable.
    US- Program Assessments- select enable.png
  3. Checkmark the boxes of the number of assessments the students will take. The options are to have 1,2, or 3 assessments.
    US- Program Assessments- checkmark assessment number.png

    Each assessment contains unique items that only exist within that specific program assessment.

  4. Select the timeframe for each assessment. The first assessment can be scheduled before students begin working or at a specific time. All other program assessments are scheduled within a specific time frame.
    US- Program Assessments- select timeframe.png

    If students are in-flight and the first assessment is scheduled for the beginning of class, those students are paused in their work to complete the assessment.

    UpSmart automatically recommends a one-week time frame. The end date can be changed to allow more or less time as needed. Once the end date expires, students will automatically be sent back to their UpSmart program.

  5. Click Save.
    US- Program Assessments- select save.png
  6. When the start date of the assessment arrives, all students currently in flight will pause their UpSmart work and be required to complete the assessment. Once the assessment is submitted, the student can go back to the his/her scheduled UpSmart topics.
    US- Program Assessments- what students see.png
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