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UpSmart- Creating a Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Which settings should I pick for my UpSmart class?
We generally recommend blocking students when they are struggling, so that they don’t continue working unproductively in UpSmart. However, if educators are not able to regularly unblock students and only a few topics are available for students to work in at any given time, it may be preferable not to block students so that they do not run out of content to work on in UpSmart. If students have not already been exposed to most of the topics in an UpSmart program, we recommend leaving prerequisites required. If UpSmart is being used as a review tool later on in the school year, or if students have otherwise been exposed to most of the topics, you may wish to remove this requirement.

Use this page to learn how to create a new UpSmart class as well as selecting the class options for prerequisites and blocking.

Students must be enrolled into an UpSmart class to begin working. The number of classes a teacher creates is unlimited, providing the ultimate flexibility in managing students in UpSmart.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Create UpSmart Class" checked under UpSmart. To validate your permissions, click here

  1. Under the UpSmart tab, select Manage Classes.
    UpSmart tab- manage classes.png
  1. Click Add Class.
    Add US class- click add class.png
  2. Create a name for the class. Edgenuity recommends including the educator name in the title to easily find it later.
    Add US class- Add class wizard- name.png
  3. From the drop-down menu select one of the available Math or English Language Arts programs.
    Add US class- Add class wizard- program.png
  4. Select the name of the teacher who will be managing this class. More than one teacher can be chosen, but each teacher will need to be selected individually.
    Add US class- Add class wizard- teacher.png
  5. Select the radio-dial for enable or disable should the class Require Prerequisites.
    Add US class- Add class wizard- require prerequisites.png
  6. Select the radio-dial for the choice of Student Blocking Within a Level.
    Add US class- Add class wizard- student blocking within a level.png

    When deciding which class options to select,  refer to this chart to help set up the class to best meet the needs of the students.

    Require Prerequisites Student Blocking Best for...
    Enable Block when at risk Traditional Implementation
    Monitoring students as they regularly work through topics that have been introduced in class, following our suggested progression of topics.
    Enable Do not block Independent work
    Best when students are unlikely to have been exposed to all topics previously (so they should follow a logical progression in their work); if teachers are unable to closely monitor student work, this option may require the least involvement
    Disable Block when at risk Power users
    Teacher monitors students, but is following his or her own sequence of curriculum and/or students will not be using UpSmart for all topics/standards; this combination likely requires the most teacher involvement
    Disable Do not block Review only
    Students working independently in UpSmart, who have been exposed to most or all of the topics previously (end-of-year review, preparation for high-stakes exam); students are most likely to run into issues and struggle for an extended period or multiple topics in this scenario
  7. Click Next.
    Add US class- Add class wizard- next.png
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