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UpSmart- Enrolling Individual Students in a Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my student appear when I attempt to search for them to enroll them into a class?
Make sure that the student is not already enrolled into another UpSmart class for the same program (example: ELA for grade 7). Students may only be enrolled in one class for a particular program. Also ensure that you are in the same school as the student’s home school.

Use this page to enroll individual students into your UpSmart class.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Enroll Students in UpSmart Classes" checked under UpSmart. To validate your permissions, click here

  1. If not selected already, click the Search tab.
    US- Add students- search tab.png
  2. Search for specific students using the search box.
    US- Add students- search bar.png
  3. Results will show students matching the search criteria, sorted by first name.
    US- Add students- search results.png

    Can't find the student? Check the following common errors:

    • Student is already enrolled in another class for this subject and grade of UpSmart.
    • Student’s home school is not the school you are currently managing in Edgenuity.

    Here are a couple tips for selecting multiple students at once:

    • Holding the SHIFT button on your keyboard while clicking on student names allows you to select multiple students who are listed consecutively in the list.
    • Holding the CRTL button on your keyboard while clicking on names allows you to select multiple students who are not listed consecutively.
  4. Click the student's name and click the Add>> button.
    US- Add students- click and add student.png
  5. The added student's name will appear in the right box.
    US- Add students- right box.png
  6. Repeat steps three through five until each student desired has been added. 
  7. Click Next.
    US- Add students- next.png
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