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Frequently Asked Questions

What NWEA tests are officially supported?

MyPath supports the Math and Reading 6+ MAP with Goals assessments.


Odyssey (including Pathblazer and Hybridge) supports the Math, Reading, and Language MAP with Goals assessments (both 2-5 and 6+), as well as the MPG (MAP for Primary Grades) assessments.

Are there any NWEA tests that Edgenuity does not support?

We do not support any Science, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Spanish, Accessibility/TTS, or other NWEA assessments that do not provide an overall reading level or math level and a goals structure that allows us to assign student learning paths based on the content we have available.

Why might a student not get a learning path on a test we align to?

We do our best to ensure that we support all Math, Reading, and Language MAP with Goals assessments, as well as the MPG (MAP for Primary Grades) assessments for all states. NWEA has hundreds of different tests and the Goal structure (specific categories tested on the assessment) from one test to another can vary. In many cases, we can map an existing alignment with the same Goals to quickly resolve the issue.


In relatively rare cases, you may have had the students take an NWEA test in a supported category, and the test is not one for which we have previously completed an alignment and has a unique Goals structure. In this case, we will complete the alignment as quickly as we can, but there will be some delay in getting learning paths assigned to students. We strive to avoid these situations by regularly updating our NWEA alignments and working with NWEA directly each year so we can support new assessments, however, the vast number of NWEA test variations means that we are unable to completely prevent this issue at this time.

NWEA™ MAP® Growth™ tests are computer-adaptive assessments typically administered to students three times each year. These tests adjust the difficulty of test questions according to correct or incorrect responses. While they are untimed, they typically take an hour to complete. Each MAP assessment uses a continuous interval scale, called the Rasch unit scale score (RIT), to measure student growth and determine student mastery of various strand-defined skills within disciplines. In MyPath, this RIT score will be utilized to recommend the appropriate Individualized Learning Path (ILP).

Math Score Ranges Reading Score Ranges


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