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MyPath- Assigning an ILP to Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an individualized learning path (ILP)?

An ILP is a group of lessons that provide intervention, reinforcement, or enrichment for students in either reading or math. An ILP is recommended for each student based on that student’s performance on the EPE or the student’s RIT score from the MAP®.

Each ILP features direct-instruction videos, interactive tasks, activities, and robust practice with immediate feedback. All mathematics paths further adapt instruction dynamically by allowing students to move past any content they have already mastered (pretesting out of lessons is the default for math ILPs).

No matter which ILP is recommended, the content is age appropriate and respectful of middle and high school students.

Reading ILPs Our foundational reading paths focus on comprehension strategies, while our basic and intermediate reading paths focus on reading comprehension and literary analysis with a strong emphasis on literary nonfiction and informational texts, as well as grammar and mechanics and some writing as it relates to reading. Advanced paths expose students to great literature, and help them to develop critical thinking skills and further improve their writing skills.


Math ILPs Our foundational math paths focus on number sense, while our basic and intermediate math paths are carefully sequenced to provide the concepts and skills required for success in algebra, including number properties and arithmetic with integers and rational numbers, proportional reasoning and relationships, and basic algebraic manipulations. Advanced paths challenge students with instruction in geometry, trigonometry, and even pre-calculus concepts and skills.


Reading and math foundational ILPs feature brand new lessons that do not appear in any other courses. Basic, intermediate, and advanced ILPs in reading draw from lessons in ELA 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and Literacy & Comprehension I & II. Basic, intermediate, and advanced math ILPs draw from lessons in Math 6, 7, 8, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus.

Schools do not need to purchase these courses; the MyPath license includes the entire library of ILPs from Foundational to Advanced.

What grade levels do the ILP courses cover?
Both math and reading ILPs contain grade-level content for skills and concepts covered in grades 3–11.
Can a student be enrolled simultaneously in a reading and math ILP?
Yes, a student can be enrolled in multiple ILPs at the same time. We recommend that each student is only enrolled in one ILP per subject at a time, but the system will not limit the number of ILPs for any student.
How long will it take a student to complete an ILP?
Each ILP should take 15–30 hours to complete. This will vary greatly based on customization, pre-testing, and student ability.
What do I do when a student finishes an ILP course?
MyPath: Students should be assigned the next ILP in the sequence. Educators will need to assign the next course to the student when ready.
MyPath with NWEA Integration: Schools typically administer the MAP® Growth™ test 3–4 times a year; if a student completes an ILP before new MAP® Growth™ data is imported, a teacher can assign the student the next ILP in the sequence.
Do ILPs offer both remediation/intervention and enrichment?
Yes. Depending on a student’s RIT score, an ILP might provide remediation on concepts and skills in reading or math. Conversely, a student may be enrolled in an ILP that offers enrichment or focus on advanced concepts and skills. A student could even be enrolled in a math ILP that provides remediation and a reading ILP that provides enrichment (or vice versa).
Are there teacher requirements to move a student along in an ILP (for example, unlocking an assessment)?
No, teacher review will not be turned on, although educators can modify this if they choose. The ILPs have automatic progression, so if a student fails a quiz twice, the system will record the highest earned score and allow the student to continue in the ILP.

This page will show you how to assign an Individualized Learning Path to student(s).

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Manage Edgenuity MyPath" checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, click here.

Students should have either taken Edgenuity's Placement Exam or data from one of our third party vendors should have been imported in order to complete the steps listed below. For additional information on them, click the one you want to know more about- Edgenuity Placement Exam, NWEA, Renaissance, Scantron.

  1. Under the Courses tab, select Manage Edgenuity MyPathTM.
    MyPath- select Manage Edgenuity Mypath.png
  2. The MyPath grid appears with student results and the associated recommended Individualized Learning Path (ILP).
    MyPath grid.png
  3. Set Test Dates and Filter By to isolate the desired students. Click Apply.
    MyPath grid- test dates and filter by.png
  4. To sort the data, click the associated column header.
    MyPath grid- sort by.png
  5. To see the recommended ILP for the student, scroll to the right.
    scroll to the right.png

    Want to assign a different ILP than the recommended one? Click here to add the ILP individually.

  6. To enroll students in the recommended ILPs, checkmark the boxes next to the appropriate student's names. To select all students, checkmark the top left box.
    Checkmark boxes to assign students to ILP.png

    More than one student can be selected.

  7. Click Assign ILP.
    Assign ILP.png
  8. A notification window will appear. Click Yes.
    Click Yes to assign ILP.png
  9. A confirmation window will state the ILP(s) were successfully aligned.
    Success window for ILP.png