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Authorizing NWEA Data-Sharing Agreement

Before the importing of NWEA data can be done, you have to complete their Data Sharing Agreement.

Follow these steps to complete NWEA's Data Sharing Agreement:

  1. Log into the MAP Growth Administration site:  
  2. Select Manage Data Partners.
    MyPath- NWEA- Click Manage Data Partners.png
  3. Select Edgenuity from the available options.
    MyPath- NWEA- Sample District.png
  4. Read the terms of the Data Sharing Agreement. If you agree to the terms and have the authority to authorize the data share, check the boxes. 
    MyPath- NWEA- Check the boxes to agree again.png
  5. Click Accept Agreement. This will authorize data sharing with Edgenuity. 
    MyPath- NWEA- Click Accept Agreement.png
  6. Once the agreement has been accepted, a green check mark will appear next to Edgenuity.
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