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MyPath- Scantron®- Addressing Errors During the Import Process

During the import process, students will be linked to their corresponding Scantron® data based on the IDs that you set up earlier. Students who have been matched correctly will appear on the list of students, but any students who could not be matched will appear on a separate page.

Follow these steps to reconcile unmatched records:

  1. Click Unmatched Records.
    Scantron- Unmatched Reports.png
  2. A list of all the students that are missing the Scantron ID from their student profile is populated.
    Scantron- Unmatched Reports-list of students.png
  3. Most likely the reason the import did not work is because there is an issue with the student's Scantron ID. Update each student's profile with the Scantron ID. 
  4. On the Scantron tab, click Retry Matching Records.
    Scantron- Unmatched Reports- retry matching records.png


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