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Editing an Existing Student Via Manage Students Beta

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit a student's username?

No, usernames cannot be changed.

I see the 'View Student' button, but not 'Update Student'?

This is because you do not have the "Edit Students" permission enabled.

This section is useful when you need to make a change to a student's account. A couple examples of possible changes are changing a student's grade level or adding a parent's email address for progress reports.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Edit Students" checked under Student Accounts To validate your permissions, click here. . 

  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students Beta.
    Students tab- Manage Students Beta.png
  2. Click the Filters button.
    Filter dropdown.png
  3. Add or remove filters to manage specific students. To find out about each filter, click here.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options.png
  4. Select Apply.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options click apply.png
  1. Checkmark next to the student to update.
    MS- Beta- Archiving- checkmark student name.png
  2. Click Update Student
    MS- Beta- Editing Student Account- click update student.png
  3. Make the necessary changes. For more information click here
  4. Click Update Student at the bottom of the page.
    MS- editing a student- click update student.png

    Educators without the "Edit Students" permission will see View Student instead of Update Student.

  5. A notification shows that the student's account has been edited successfully. 
    MS- editing a student- back to students or add another.png