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Archiving a Student Account Via Manage Students Beta

Archiving a student from the active roster moves the student to the Archived Students list and disables the account. Archived students are no longer able to access their courses in the Virtual Classroom, but their status can always be changed back to active/enrolled if they return to the Edgenuity program.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Archive Student" checked under Student Accounts. To validate your permissions, click here.

  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students Beta.
    Students tab- Manage Students Beta.png
  1. Click the Filters button.
    Filter dropdown.png
  2. Add or remove filters to manage specific students. To find out about each filter, click here.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options.png
  3. Select Apply.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options click apply.png
  1. Checkmark the student to be archived. 
    MS- Beta- Archiving- checkmark student name.png
  2. Under More click Archive
    MS- Beta- Archiving- more- archive.png
  3. Click Archive
    MS- Beta- Archiving- more- archive student.png
  4. Select the radio button for the active enrollments of the student.
    MS- Beta- Archiving- more- what to do with enrollments.png
  5. Click Archive
    MS- Beta- Archiving- more- click archive.png
  6. Click OK
    MS- Beta- Archiving- more- click ok.png
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