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Text-to-Speech in the Student Learning Experience

Use these steps to show a student how to hear text on the screen in a different language.

Text-to-speech must be enabled before it will show on the student's view. Learn how to enable text-to-speech, for a single student or multiple students

  1. Have the student select the course under My Course List.
    MS- Student section- select a course.png
  2. Open the next activity.
    MS- Student section- select an activity.png
  3. Select the + sign.
    MS- Student section- select the plus sign.png
  4. Select Transcript.
    MS- Student section- select transcript.png
  5. In the upper, right hand corner of the screen click the arrow next to English. The student will select the language of his/her choice. To find additional languages, click More.
    MS- enable translation- student selection screen.png

    For the task pages in the instruction, throughout the assignment and assessment, a student will need to re-select the language as it resets as the frames change.

  6. Highlight the text in the transcript that one wants to be read aloud.
    MS- Student section- highlight transcript.png
  7. Hover over the headphones button.
    MS- Student section- select headphones.png
  8. Push the play icon MS- Student section- play icon.png.
    MS- Student section- select play icon.png
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