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Adding Courses to a User Group

For educators who created user groups, it can be helpful to assign an entire group to multiple courses. Use this page to see how to do it.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Assign New Enrollment" checked under Student Enrollments. To validate your permissions, click here.

User groups need to be created in order to add a student to the group.

  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students Beta.
    Students tab- Manage Students Beta.png
  2. Click the Filters button.
    Filter dropdown.png
  3. Select the Groups filter.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options- select groups.png
  4. Checkmark the user group to add the courses.
    MS- User groups- select user groups to add courses.png
  5. Adjust any other filters desired. To find out about each filter, click here. Select Apply.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options click apply.png
  6. Either checkmark all the students or select the check box to select all at once.
    MS- User groups- select all users.png
  7. Select Enroll in Courses.
    MS- User groups- select enroll in courses.png
  8. Checkmark the courses to enroll students.
    MS- User groups- checkmark the courses.png

    Looking for a specific type of course? Here are some tips:

    • Courseware: Under Series, select either 10002000, or 3000. (Most updated courses are 3000-series courses). Then, select a Subject.
    • Advanced Placement (AP): Under Series, select AP.
    • Purpose Prep Modules: Under Series, select Purpose Prep Modules.
    • Purpose Prep courses: Under Series, select Purpose Prep SEL.
    • Powerspeak: Under Series, select World Language.
    • Virtual Tutors (VT): Under Series, select VT.
    • eDynamic Learning: Under Series, select eDynamic Learning Electives.
    • MyPath: Under Series, select ILP.
  9. Click Enroll.
    MS- User groups- select enroll button.png
  10. A confirmation window will appear. Click Enroll.
    MS- User groups- select enroll button again.png
  11. Click OK.
    MS- User groups- select enroll button again- then click ok.png
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