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Adding Student(s) to a User Group

Use this page to add either one or multiple students to a user group.


Video Instruction:

Step-by-Step Guide:

User groups need to be created in order to add a student to the group.

  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students.
    Students tab- Manage Students.png
  2. Under the Active tab, checkmark the students desired for the user group. Notice as soon as one student is checked, the Add to Groups menu will appear at the top.
    MS- Adding stu to group- checkmark stu.png
  3. Click the Add to Groups dropdown. Checkmark the group(s) the selected students will be added.
    MS- Adding stu to group- check the groups.png

    Students can be added to multiple user groups, so create as many groups as needed.

  4. Click the add icon MS- Adding stu to group- add icon.png to assign student to the group.
    MS- Adding stu to group- click add to group.png
  5. When a student has been added to a group, a notification in the bottom right corner will appear.
    MS- Adding stu to group- confirmation.png
  6. A student's account with three-person icon MS- Adding stu to group- group icon.png next to the user name means he/she is in a group.
    MS- Adding stu to group- stu in group.png