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Adding Student(s) to a User Group Via Manage Students Beta

Use this page to add either one or multiple students to a user group.
  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students Beta.
    Students tab- Manage Students Beta.png
  1. Click the Filters button.
    Filter dropdown.png
  2. Add or remove filters to manage specific students. To find out about each filter, click here.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options.png
  3. Select Apply.
    enroll mult stu- filtering options click apply.png
  1. Checkmark the student(s) to add to a group. 
     MS- beta- user groups- checkmark students.png
  2. Click the Add to Groups dropdown.
    MS- beta- user groups- check the arrow next to groups.png
  3. Checkmark the group(s) the selected student(s) will be added.
    MS- beta- user groups- select groups to add students.png

    Students can be added to multiple user groups, so create as many groups as needed.

  4. Click the add icon MS- Adding stu to group- add icon.png to assign student to the group.
    MS- beta- user groups- select plus sign.png
  5. A confirmation window will appear. Click OK
    MS- beta- user groups- select ok.png