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Deleting a User Group

You may want to delete a group if it's no longer needed (ex: students have moved to a new class).

There is no way to recover a deleted user group, so be sure you wish to delete before doing it.


Video Instruction:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage User Groups.
    Students tab- Manage user groups.png
  2. Click the Delete icon trash can icon.png next to the group no longer needed.
    Push trash can icon- groups.png
  3. A warning message will pop up. Click Yes.
    Push yes to delete group.png
  4. If there are students in the user group being deleted, another warning message will appear. Click Yes.
    Push yes for stu in group- delete group.png

    Deleting a user group will not delete a student's account.

  5. A notification on the bottom right of the page confirms the user group has been deleted.
    user group has been deleted.png
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