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Viewing Information on a Student who Transferred Out of District

Use this page when trying to locate and view information about a student who has been transferred out of District.
  1. Under the Reports tab, click Recent Actions.
    Reports- Recent Action Log.png
  2. In the Search Criteria, adjust Start and End Dates to choose the date range the transfer may have taken place.
    CW_Recent Actions_Search Criteria_Dates_smaller.png
  3. Under the Action criteria, begin to type "Transferred Out" in the dropdown or choose it from the menu.
    CW_Recent Actions_Transferred Out.png
  4. Click Search
    CW_Recent Actions_Search.png
  5. Locate the student in the list under Affected User.  Click the student's name.
    CW_Recent Actions_Transferred Out_Mandy H.png
  6. Action Details will display at the bottom. Click the student's name to see all prior data available such as enrollments and student information.
    CW_Recent Actions_Search Criteria_Action Details.png
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