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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Authorizing NWEA Data-Sharing Agreement

If you are receiving automatic nightly imports please make sure to authorize this NWEA-Edgenuity data-sharing agreement as soon as possible, to ensure continuity in data importing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have previously signed the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). Do I have to resign it?

Many schools and districts may have already signed a DSA before NWEA's new secure API transfer process was made available. The new DSA mentioned on this page should be authorized in addition to any DSAs previously authorized in order for the new API sync to occur automatically for the school or district.

Is there any legal documentation I can view before signing it?

Customers can preview the text of the agreement here. The DSA must be authorized before a customer can access the new NWEA API.

Before the importing of NWEA data can be done, you have to complete their Data Sharing Agreement.

Follow these steps to complete NWEA's Data Sharing Agreement:

  1. Log into the MAP Growth Administration site:  
  2. Select Manage Data Partners.
    MyPath- NWEA- Click Manage Data Partners.png
  3. Select Edgenuity from the available options.
    MyPath- NWEA- Sample District.png
  4. Read the terms of the Data Sharing Agreement. If you agree to the terms and have the authority to authorize the data share, check the boxes. 
    MyPath- NWEA- Check the boxes to agree again.png
  5. Click Accept Agreement. This will authorize data sharing with Edgenuity. 
    MyPath- NWEA- Click Accept Agreement.png
  6. Once the agreement has been accepted, a green check mark will appear next to Edgenuity.
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