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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Adding Students to a Class

Educators may utilize Classes to group students together for easier reporting and monitoring. Use this page to learn how to add students to a Class

To add students to a Class, you will need to have "Add/Edit Class Information" checked under Class Permissions. To validate your permissions, click here.

Are you a District Administrator? You will need to select the school first. Click here to learn how.

Are you a School Administrator? You will need to select the school first. Click here to learn how.

Are you a Teacher? Click here to learn where to begin. 

  1. Checkmark the student(s) to be added to a class.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudents-MySchool-SelectStudent.png

    To filter the students, in the bottom right box that says Filter and then click the funnel icon.
    PH- Managing Accounts- Add Stu- filter.png

    For more than 20 students, change the number of results shown at the bottom right.
    PH- Managing Accounts- Add Stu- show more in list.png

    An educator can checkmark students on one page and then go to the next to check more students without losing the selections on the first page.

  2. Under Actions, select Add to Class.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudents-MySchool-CheckStudent.png
  3. Select the existing class where the student(s) is to be added. Click Create New to create a new class for the student(s).
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudents-MySchool-SelectClasstoAddto.png
    6. When finished, click Add.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudents-MySchool-SelectClasstoAddto-Save.png
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