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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Removing Students from a Class

Frequently Asked Questions

If a student is removed from a class, does that remove their assignments?

Yes, the assignments will be unassigned from the selected student. 

If a student is removed from a class, can they be added back later?

Yes, the student can be added any time. The experience for the student does not change.

Use this page to learn how to remove students from a class.

To remove students from a Class, you will need to have "Add/Edit Class Information" checked under Class Permissions. To validate your permissions, click here.

Are you a District Administrator? You will need to select the school first. Click here to learn how.

Are you a School Administrator? You will need to select the school first. Click here to learn how.

Are you a Teacher? Click here to learn where to begin. 

  1. Checkmark the student(s) to be removed from a class.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-RemoveFromClass-MyStudents-MyClassesSelection-SelectStudent.png
  2. Under Actions, select Remove from Class.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-RemoveFromClass-MyStudents-MyClassesSelection-SelectStudent-ActionsMenu.png
  3. Click OK to confirm.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-RemoveFromClass-MyStudents-MyClassesSelection-SelectStudent-ActionsMenu-ConfirmRemoval.png

    Depending on how a student was assigned a learning path, will determine what happens with the student data. Here are the scenarios and their corresponding results:

    • Learning paths that are automatically assigned either by the students taking the Pathblazer screener or by having an integration from one of our assessment partners, are not unassigned if a teacher removes the student from his/her class.
    • If a teacher assigns an assignment to the student individually or to the class as a whole from the Assignment Archive or by building an assignment, and then the teacher later removes that student from their class, the student will have that assignment or learning path removed.
    • If a teacher manually assigns a student an assignment, even a district level diagnostic learning path, and then removes the student from their class, the learning path will be unassigned from the student.

    It is important to note:

    • If the student is removed from the class and the assignment or learning path is removed as well, the data for the work the student completed is not lost and will still display in the student progress report.
    • If the student has the same assignment or learning path added back through the Assignment Archive by any teacher, the progress the student made in that assignment or learning path will be retained and they will start where they left off.
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