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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Assignment Builder

This page allows Teachers to create their own assignments to assign to students and classes. Teachers can browse curriculum by sequences, skills, or specific objects by state correlations.

To follow the steps on this page you will need Teacher account.

  1. Click Courses & Assignments.
  2. Click Assignment Builder.
  3. Choose the tab of the desired curriculum, select a subject, a grade level, and whether to display by sequences, skills, or standards.
  4. After setting the criteria, the available content to add to an Assignment will display. On the left side are the unit folders and nested lesson folders. Clicking a lesson folder will display that folder's individual activities on the right.
  5. Check mark the desired activities or click a unit folder to have the option to select entire lessons. Then click Add Selected Tasks.
  6. This page will show the items that were chosen to be added to the new Assignment. The activity order can be changed as well as adding/removing activities and setting Decision Points. Be sure to give the Assignment a unique name. 
    PB- Assignment Builder- Assignment name.png
  7. Add any additional content by selecting Add Curriculum
    PB- Assignment Builder- Add curriculum.png
  8. Click Complete Assignment.
    PB- Assignment Builder- Complete Assignment.png
  9. Categorize the Assignment. Then click Next. To learn more, click here
    PB- Assignment Builder- Complete the assignment.png
  10. Select one or more classes. Then click Finish
    PB- Assignment Builder- Complete the assignment- select a class.png
  11. This is the confirmation page. Click Close
    PB- Assignment Builder- Assignment Confirmation.png
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