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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Odyssey Writer

Use this page to learn about the buttons and features found in the Odyssey Writer.

The Odyssey Writer is a customizable writing tool that helps educators in all disciplines teach the writing process to their K‐12 students. Designed to improve narrative, persuasive, informative, fiction, and nonfiction writing skills, the Writer lets teachers create and assign writing assignments and guides students through the entire writing process. Students are encouraged to monitor their progress via assessment tools, such as state writing rubrics and checklists. The Writer tool’s features empower teachers to create and assign writing assignments that meet national and state standards.

To start a new project, click File on the top row, then click New Project.


Option Image Description
Insert a new page InsertNewPage.png Opens a dialog window that lets students choose to insert a new free form blank page or use one of the existing templates. 
Cut Cut_button.png Removes the selected text from the screen and can be pasted by using the Paste button.
Copy CopyButton.png Makes a copy the selected text and can be pasted by using the Paste button.
Paste Pastebutton.png Pastes what ever text was previously copied or cut.
Open an existing file OpenButton.png Allows student to open an existing file to work on or delete.
Save SaveButton.png Saves the current project.
Undo Undo_button.png Undo the most recent change.
Redo RedoButton.png Reinstate the last action that was undone.
Print PrintButton.png Displays a print preview screen and allows the student to print.
Instructions Instructions_button.png Displays the instructions or prompt created by the teacher.
Insert equation InsertEquation_button.png Opens the equation editor, which allows students to enter mathematical equations and utilize special characters.
Insert image InsertImage_button.png Allows students to upload an image into their project. Supported file types are: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP.
Spell Check SpellCheckButton.png Perform a spell check on the current project. This feature must be enabled by the teacher for the button to be active.
Font Color FontColor_Button.png Allows the student to change the color of the text.
Font Type FontSelection_button.png Allows student to select a different font type.
Font Size FontSize_button.png Adjusts the font size
Font Styles BoldItalicUnderline_button.png Bold, italicize, or underline text.
Align Text TextAlignment_button.png Align to the left, center, or right of the page.


Option Image Description
Outline OutlineTab.png Displays an outline created by the teacher, if available.
Web Links WebLinks.png Displays web links provided by the teacher.
Note Card NoteCard_button.png Displays the note card creation tools, enabling students to create note cards.
Graphic Organizer Graphic Organizer Button.png  Displays the Graphic Organizer which is synced with the Note Card function. It enables students to organize note cards into different sequences. Move topics around and reorganize them to test out different structures for their writing projects.
Drafting Drafting Button.png Allows the student to work in their writing prompt.
Self-Assessment SelfAssessment.png Opens a rubric located to the left of the main text where students can score themselves on various criteria.
Hand In Hand In Button_final.png Submits the project to the teacher.


If there are multiple pages, students can navigate between the pages by clicking the page number located in the bottom right of the Odyssey Writer page.

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