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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Editing Decision Points

Decision points allow Teachers to set a mastery score for an activity and decide what happens if the student does and does not meet that score. Use this page to learn how to edit a decision point.

Teachers may only edit decision points for Assignments that they own.

It is highly suggested to only edit decision points to any activity prior to a point where students have already progressed.

  1. Click Courses & Assignments.
    Odyssey-Managing Assignments-Assignment Archive-Courses and Assignments.png

    A School Administrator's box will just say "Assignments"

  2. Select Assignment Archive.
    Odyssey-Managing Assignments-Assignment Archive-Accessing Assignment Archive.png
  3. Use the drop-down filters under Assignment Search to find assignments. To learn more about each option, click here.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Filters- all filters drop-down.png
  4. Click Search.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Filters- click search.png
  5. Using the Assignment Archive, locate the Assignment that contains the decision points then checkmark the box to the left of the Assignment name and click Edit.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select Edit Tasks
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Edit Tasks.png
  7. Click All Students or Selected Students.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Impact Selected Students ans All students.png
  8. Locate an activity that contains a decision point and click the decision point icon.
  9. Edit the decision point as needed. 
    PB- M Assign- Add DP- Mark Continue.png
  10. Click Save Decision Point.
    PB- M Assign- Add DP- Save Decision Point.png
  11. Click Complete Assignment.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Open a Copy- complete Assignment.png

If you selected "Selected Students" on step 7, then you will have to complete the steps found on this page to finish the action. 

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