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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Adding Decision Points

Teachers may only add decision points to Assignments that they own.

It is highly suggested to only add decision points to any activity prior to a point where students have already progressed.

If you have landed on this page via a search and need to know how to get to this step, follow the steps on this page.

  1. Click Edit Tasks.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Edit Tasks.png
  2. Click All Students or Selected Students.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Impact Selected Students ans All students.png
  3. Mark the Order as Sequential

    Decision Points can only be added to scoreable activities. If not marked here, an error will appear at the end of the process.

  4. Click on a lesson folder to view the individual activities within a folder.
  5. Checkmark any scored learning activity. Then click Add Decision Point.
  6. Enter the Mastery Score students must meet in order to progress within the Assignment. Teachers can decide whether students will be taken to the next activity or exited from current folder if that score is met. Choosing to checkmark Cycle will allow Teachers to specify an activity for the student to be taken back to and how many times this behavior is to be repeated if the mastery score is not met.

    It is not recommended to use the Progress Alert feature, but if Progress Alert is selected, the student will be unable to progress and the activity will become password locked. The teacher or co-teacher can go into Assignment Status to view alerts and unlock the student's activity. The default password is "unlock99".

  7. Click Save Decision Point when finished.  
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