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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Completing an Assignment

PB- Assignment Builder- Complete the assignment- no boxes.png

Option Description
Assignment Name The title of the assignment.
Description Provide a description of what the assignment contains.

Most teachers will have only the My Assignments as an option. The assignment will be stored in the teacher's file.

Should an educator have the My School or My District permission(s) checked under Assignment Permissions, then these options will also appear. 

Subject Determine the subject of the assignment.
Level State the grade level of the assignment.
Solution Check the solution to which the assignment will be associated.
Assignment Order

Determine the order of the assignments: 

  • Sequential- Must be completed in a row
  • Self-Select- Essentially a free movement and will allow the student to select the order
  • Auto-Launch- Would automatically launch a new assignment for a student
Apply assignment order to all folders

If the assignment contains multiple folders, state whether the assignment order from above will apply to the folders. 

All folders with Decision Points in this assignment will remain in Sequential or Auto-Launch mode.

Suppress Duplicate Activities By selecting 'Yes', students will not receive the same activity if s/he has already completed it as part of this assignment. If the student completes an activity in one assignment group, but then later has the same activity included in another assignment, s/he will have to do it again.
Show Resources These are additional items to an activity. An example is games associated with the concept of the activity. 
Draft Mode This is grayed out and changes cannot be made. 
Show Compass Writer If the assignments already have them then they are already in here. Keep at no.  
Show Tool Kit These are tools available to students such as printable worksheets and calculators.
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