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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Creating a New Compass Writer Activity

This page shows how teachers can create new Compass Writer activities for use in teacher-created assignments.

The Odyssey Writer is a customizable writing tool that helps educators in all disciplines teach the writing process to their K‐12 students. Designed to improve narrative, persuasive, informative, fiction, and nonfiction writing skills, the Writer lets teachers create and assign writing assignments and guides students through the entire writing process. Students are encouraged to monitor their progress via assessment tools, such as state writing rubrics and checklists. The Writer tool’s features empower teachers to create and assign writing assignments that meet national and state standards.

  1. Click the Courses & Assignments tab.
  2. Click Assignment Builder.
  3. Click New Compass Writer Activity

    If a teacher wants to add the new writer activity to an assignment s/he is building, then click Add Curriculum.

  4. In the new window that opens, add the student instructions/prompt in the text field.
  5. To include pre-writing and draft writing support, click the Writing Framework tab and enter the desired information.
  6. To create note cards, click the Note Cards tab and enter note card and pinpoint text.
  7. To include web links that students may visit as they work on their projects, click the Web Links tab and enter titles and URLs.
  8. To use a rubric, click the Rubric tab. You can use an existing rubric or create a new one.
  9. When you are finished creating the new Writer project, under File, click Save.
  10. In the Save Project dialog box, click the desired folder in which to save the project. Then name the project in the Project name box.
    Save project- select the folder and name it.png
  11. Click Save

    Educators must have the permission enabled to save to the District and School Projects folders.

  12. Click Close.
  13. Click Exit
    Save project- click exit.png
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