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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Deleting a Decision Point

Use this page to delete a decision point. It can be done for all students or selected students.

Teachers may only edit decision points for Assignments that they own.

If you have landed on this page via a search and need to know how to get to this step, follow the steps on this page.

  1. Click Edit Tasks.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Edit Tasks.png
  2. Click All Students or Selected Students.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Impact Selected Students ans All students.png
  3. Locate an activity that contains a decision point and click the decision point icon.
  4. Click Delete Decision Point.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Deleting a Decision Point.png
  5. Click OK to confirm deletion of the decision point. 
    PH- Assignment Archive- Edit- Deleting a Decision Point confirmation.png
  6. Click Complete Assignment.
    PH- Assignment Archive- Open a Copy- complete Assignment.png

If you selected "Selected Students" on step 7, then you will have to complete the steps found on this page to finish the action. 

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