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Odyssey Courses and Gradebook

Odyssey Courses- A course is any grouping of Assignments that one would want to track and grade together. Courses give the benefits of the Gradebook, score weighting by activity type, letter grades, CSV-formatted grade exports, and easy methods for tracking student progress. Build a custom course out of existing assignments or start with pre-built courses. Pre-built courses are currently available for high school content only, but one can build custom course featuring any subject and designed for any grade. Use the Gradebook feature to track student scores in any course.

The Gradebook allows one to track progress and calculate student grades. The Gradebook is tied to courses, and is only available after a course has been created. After students have completed activities in the course, the Gradebook starts tracking scores and completion of work. Once students have completed activities, their grades will automatically populate in the Gradebook.




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