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Pathblazer- Pathblazer Screener Results Report

Even though Pathblazer automatically assigns students individualized learning paths, educators may wish to view how students performed on the Pathblazer Screener. To learn how to run the Pathblazer Screener Results Report use this page.
  1. Click Reports.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab.png
  2. Under CompassLearning Reports, click Pathblazer Reports.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports.png
  3. Click Settings next to "Default Pathblazer Screener Results Report."
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings.png
  4. On the Details tab select a Date Range for which the report will return results for the specified period of time, and a Subject.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-Details.png

    You can jump to step 9 instead of going through each tab. It will automatically generate the Pathblazer Screener results for the students in your classes. This screener is only taken once, so the data will not change.

  5. Click the Students tab.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-StudentsTab.png
  6. Use the various options on the left to search for students. Once students are located, checkmark the box to the left of their names and click Add Selected Items.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-StudentSelect.png
  7. Click the Schedule & Send tab.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-ScheduleAndSendtab.png

    The data will be the same no matter when this is scheduled.

  8. This tab is used for setting up the optional feature of having the report emailed to one's self and/or others.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-ScheduleAndSendInfo.png
  9. Click the Run tab.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-RunTab.png
  10. There are two options to choose from:
    • Select Run Now to start generating the report and stay on the reporting screen. Teachers will see this option.
    • Select Run Offline to start generating the report in the background which allows the Educator to continue moving freely through the system. The status of the report can be viewed in My Reporting Queue on the Reports tab. Administrators will will only have this option. Teachers will see this option as well.

    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-RunInfo.png

    If you wish to save the report you have just configured and may want to run it again, you may click Save or Save As. The report will be saved within My Templates under the Reporting tab.

  11. When finished, click the Exit icon PH- MA- PB screener- x icon.png.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab-PBReports-Settings-ExitButton1.png
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