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Pathblazer- Resetting the Screener

Resetting the Pathblazer Screener may be necessary if there was a mistake on the attempt, or the student needs to have their proficiency level assessed again.

Resetting the Pathblazer Screen will also unassign all Diagnostic Assignments and the associated learning paths. Once the screener is reset and the previous assignments are removed, the action is permanent and cannot be reversed. This includes if the screener is disabled again. 

  1. Click My Students.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudentsTab.png
  2. Under My School, select Students.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudents-MySchool.png
  3. Checkmark one or more students.
    Odyssey- Managing Accounts- How-to-AddToClass-MyStudents-MySchool-SelectStudent.png
  4. Hover over Actions and select Reset Reading Screener or Reset Math Screener.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-ActionMenu.png
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