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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Running an Assignment Status Report

The Assignment Status Report is used to show what assignments students have been assigned and the dates assigned. The report also shows whether the assignment is not started, incomplete, or completed.
  1. Click the Reports tab.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunPBScreenerResultsReport-ReportTab.png
  2. Click Administration Reports located under CompassLearning Reports.
    Odyssey- Reports-HowTo-AttendanceReport-CompassLearning-AttendanceReport.png
  3. Click Settings in the row of Default Assignment Status Report.
    Odyssey- Reports-HowTo-AssignmentStatusReport-CompassLearning-AssignmentStatus-Settings.png
  4. A new window will open. Make sure the Details tab is selected.
    PH- Assignment Status Report- Details tab.png
  5. Set the desired settings. To learn more about it, click here

    If you wish to save the report you have just configured and may want to run it again, you may click Save or Save As. The report will be saved within My Templates under the Reporting tab.

  6. Click the Assignments tab.
    PH- Assignment Status Report- Assignments tab.png
  7. Set the desired settings. To learn more about it, click here
  8. Click the Students tab.
    PH- Assignment Status Report- Students tab.png
  9. Set the desired settings. To learn more about it, click here
  10. Click the Schedule & Send tab.
    PH- Assignment Status Report- Schedule and Send tab.png
  11. Set the desired settings. To learn more about it, click here
  12. Click the Run tab.
    PH- Assignment Status Report- Run tab.png
  13. Select Run Now to start generating the report and stay on the reporting screen. Select Run Offline to start generating the report in the background which allows the Educator to continue moving freely through the system. To learn more about it, click here

    The status of the report can be viewed in My Reporting Queue on the Reports tab.

  14. When finished, click the Exit icon PH- MA- PB screener- x icon.png located in the top right corner.
    Odyssey- PathblazerScreener-How-to-RunReports-ExitButton.png


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