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Pathblazer/Hybridge- Viewing Class Progress for an Entire Class

This page shows how an entire class is doing, as a whole. Scores, completion dates, specific assessment responses, and a preview of learning activities along with additional printable resources can all be seen from here.

To follow the steps listed below, you will need to be logged in with a Teacher account.

  1. Click the Courses & Assignments tab.
    PBHB_Teacher DB_Courses and Assignments.png
  2. Select Class Progress.
    PBHB_Courses and Assignments_Class Progress_not blue.png
  3. Classes are listed in the left navigation panel. Click the name of a class.
    ClassProgress_Class Chosen.png
  4. Click the name of the assignment to see the activities that are included in it.
    PBHB Class Progress_Class Chosen_Assignment Name.png
  5. In the new View Assignment window that appears, click the title of the assignment to preview the content.
    Class Progress_View Assignment_Preview.png
  6. Standards for the assignment can be seen from the same View Assignments window by scrolling down.
    Class Progress_View Assignment_Standards.png
  7. Additional resources are available from the View Assignment window such as printable Student Worksheets (PB-Class_Progress-S_icon.png), the Lesson Key (PB-Class_Progress-L_icon.png), and Remediation Activities (PB-Class_Progress-R_icon.png). 
    Class Progress_View Assignment_RS_SL.png


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