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Pathblazer/Hybridge-Teacher Dashboard: At a Glance

Use this page to find information about the different sections of the 'At a Glance' area of the Dashboard.

Once logged in, teachers have an area of the homepage that provides a summary of his/her student's progress.

PBHB_Teacher DB_At a Glance_3 Tab Header.png

Use the table below to learn about each tab. 
PB- Teacher dashboard- at a glance.png

Option Image Description
Tabs PBHB_Teacher DB_At a Glance_3 Tab Header_Small.png

Use the tabs to choose what information to display on the chart. 

Pie Chart/Graph PBHB-Teacher Dashboar_At a Glance_Pie Chart.png The chart shows data for the average scores on recent assignments as well as on recent assessments. Hover over each section to see more details.
Class PBHB-Teacher Dashboar_At a Glance_Assignments Tab_Class.png If more than one class was created, select one to see its information. Click the class name to choose one.
Assignment dropdown PBHB-Teacher Dashboar_At a Glance_Assignments Tab_Assignment Dropdown.png The ten most recent assignments will be available from the assignment dropdown.
Left/Right arrows PBHB-Teacher Dashboar_At a Glance_Previous Assignment.pngPBHB-Teacher Dashboar_At a Glance_Next Assignment.png    Use the left and right arrows as an alternative way to choose the assignment.
Assessments Tab PBHB_Teacher DB_At a Glance_3 Tab Header_Small_Assessments Tab.png If the Assessments tab is selected, choose a standard, subject, and grade level for the score to view. The chart then displays the average scores for that objective. 
External Test PBHB_Teacher DB_At a Glance_3 Tab Header_Small_External Tab.png If the External Test tab is chosen, the data will display for this selection instead. 
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