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Pathblazer/Hybridge-Teacher Dashboard: Student Status

Use this page to learn about the different sections of the Student Status area of the Dashboard.

The dashboard updates each night, therefore, the average scores for students will not include work done on that day. 

Once logged in, teachers have an area of the homepage that provides a summary of his/her student's status. PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status Gadget_SS Red box.png

Use the table below to learn about the parts of this section. 

Section Image Description
List of students PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status_List.png

Student's names are listed according to each student's test scores and overall progress. The list is ordered lowest scores to highest. This way the students with the lowest scores are highlighted first for a teacher. 

Average (Avg. Score) PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status_Activity Change.png

The average score metrics can be changed to include those assigned by both the teacher and any co-teachers, or only for activities assigned by the teacher. Click "All activities Assigned by Me or a Co-Teacher" to change the metrics.

Time Frame PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status_Year to Date.png

This is to change the time frame of the report. Click year-to-date and choose from the options that open in the menu.


Individual Student PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status_Specific Student_NF_no small window.png

To view an individual student's progress information, click the student's name. This information is available even for students whose information has not updated overnight yet indicated by the "N/A".

Individual Student Window PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status_Specific Student_NF_small window_data highlighted.png

A smaller window showing student-specific information including grade, activity title, and amount of time taken to complete the activity will show on the right. 

Student Details PBHB_Teacher DB_Student Status_Specific Student_NF_small window2.png To see the student's full details page, click Student Details. This will take you to the My Students page.
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