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Release Notes 2013

Read about the new features and enhancements for Pathblazer, Hybridge, and Odyssey released during the 2013 calendar year.


New External Testing Tab

The teacher dashboard now includes a tab labeled “External Testing” in the “At a Glance” section of the teacher dashboard. Clicking this tab enables you to view students’ average scores on activities that were assigned to them via imports from external testing services (NWEA or Scantron). From the drop-down list, you can choose a class containing NWEA or Scantron assignments, then click the graph to open a pop-up window showing average scores for those assignments.

external test tab screenshot.png

Improved Enrollment and Progress Summary Reports

Enrollment reports now indicate the total number of unique students included in the report (that is, each student is counted only once, even if they are enrolled in multiple classes). Both reports have also been updated to exclude deleted accounts, as well as the removal blank pages. Progress Summary reports now give District Administrators the option to see summaries by each school in the district, or by the entire district.

Standards Alignments

  • Added new Pennsylvania Keystone Exams in English Language Arts, Algebra I, and Biology
  • Updated alignments to the new Common Core codes in math for grades K-12
  • Updated alignments to reflect new Florida standards codes for English Language Arts for grades K-12

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


Printing Gradebook Information

Teachers and school administrators can now print information included in the Gradebook. From the Courses & Assignments tab on the Odyssey main page, teachers can print information from the Gradebook by clicking the Gradebook icon for any course. Teachers can print information from any of the gradebook views—Grade Overview, Assignment Grades, Manually Entered Grades, or Student Grades—by navigating to that view and clicking Print. Teachers also have the ability to print—Sequentially, By Activity Type, or by Status—from the Student Grades tab.

print gradebook teacher.png

Students can open the Gradebook for their own accounts by clicking the Gradebook icon on the student launch pad. Students can print information from any of the views available to them—Sequentially, By Activity Type, or By Status—by opening that view and clicking Print

print gradebook student partial.png

Enhanced Student and Teacher Search Feature

Teachers and administrators searching for a student (or students) now have access to new filters available directly within the search field. Whether ]searching for a student from the Teacher Dashboard, the My Students page, or while configuring settings for a report, the student search field includes a new drop-down menu that enables you to specify whether you want to search by First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Username, or Student ID.

enhanced search student.png

Administrators searching for teachers have the option to filter teacher searches from the My School and My District tabs. The drop-down menu in the search field provides the option to filter by Last Name, First Name, Full Name, Username, and Teacher Email.

Standards Alignments

  • Added new Common Core Math 1-3 tests to match Common Core Appendix A
  • Updated Texas Math TEKS Grades K-8 alignments (adopted in 2012, for implementation in 2014 - 2015 school year)

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


Educator Password Reset

Teachers and school administrators can now reset their own passwords, as well as set student accounts so that students or parents must reset passwords upon next login.

forgot password 2013.png

Student/Parent Password Reset

If you are a teacher or administrator, you can prompt students to reset their passwords by logging in to Odyssey, accessing your student list, and selecting the students you want to direct to the Password Reset page. Then, from the Actions drop-down menu above the list of students, select Force Password Change.

force password change.png

You can also force students and parents to change their passwords by accessing your list of students, opting to edit a student’s profile, and checking the Force Password Reset: box for that student and/or the parent.

student parent reset.png

External Tests Added to Student Progress and Progress Summary Reports

With Student Progress Reports and Progress Summary Reports, NWEA or Scantron test data can now be included in the report results. On the Curricula tab in the report settings section, the External Test option appears among the grade levels you can choose to include in the report. To include NWEA or Scantron data, check the box for the External Test option:

external test.png

When you check this option, you must also select Math or Language Arts (or both) as subjects to include in the report. This is required because External Test data will always fall into one or both of these categories. If you do NOT select one of these required subject areas, you will see an error message.

After the External Test and subject(s) have been selected, continue setting the remaining report preferences. When the report executes, NWEA or Scantron test data for the subjects specified will be included.

Option to Unsubscribe From Subscription Courses

If you have subscribed to a course created by other teachers in your school or district, you have the option to unsubscribe from the course at any time. For example, if you wish to remove a course from your course list at the end of the year (for the purpose of clearing your roster of courses for the upcoming year), you can use the unsubscribe option to unsubscribe from the course.

To unsubscribe from a course, go to Courses and Assignments > Courses, and select "Subscribed by Me" to show your list of subscription courses. Click the red X icon next to the gradebook icon for the course from which you want to unsubscribe.


Unsubscribing from a course does NOT unassign students' work in that course.

Standards Alignments

  • Updated GED alignments for Math, English, Reading, Science, and Social Studies

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


Updated Learning Activities

  • Content within the following subjects has been updated:
    • Earth/Space Science
    • English 3
    • Health
    • Economics
    • World Geography 
    • Algebra 2
    • World History

Activity Transcripts

  • Activity transcripts are available for the following subjects:
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • World History
    • US History 1
    • US History 2
    • US Government
    • Language Arts Grades 6-8
    • Math Grades 6-8

Standards Alignments

  • Updated alignments for California Physics
  • Updated alignments for Georgia Common Core Algebra I
  • New alignments for North Carolina MS Life Science, MS Physical Science, MS Earth and Space Science

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility

  • All products now compatible with IE10

Standards Alignments

  • New alignments for Alabama QC End of Course in Algebra I and English II
  • Updated alignments for Alabama Common Core in Algebra I and Geometry
  • 259 new assessment items for Math, Grades 3-8
  • 194 new assessment items for Language Arts, Grades 3-8

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


New Co-Teacher Data

The Student Status and At a Glance Assessments gadgets on the teacher dashboard—and the Progress tab of the My Students page—now display data for assignments assigned by either the logged in teacher or by co‐teachers assigned to their classes. For the Student Status gadget and the Progress tab of the My Students page, a drop‐down menu is available for each of these charts, allowing users to choose whether they want data from assignments assigned by co‐teachers to be displayed.


Standards Alignments

  • Updated alignments for Florida End of Course:
    • Algebra 1
    • Geometry
    • US History
    • Biology
  • Updated alignments for Georgia End of Course:
    • Algebra 1 (Coordinate Algebra)
    • Geometry (Analytic Geometry)
    • English I (Ninth Grade Literature and Composition)
    • English III (American Literature and Composition)
  • Updated alignments for Common Core Math and Common Core ELA K‐8 for Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and New York
  • Updated learning path alignments for NWEA MAP™ assessments for California, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, New York, and Massachusetts
  • Updated learning path alignments for NWEA MPG™ for Primary Grades (MPG) assessments for Common Core, Arizona, California, Iowa, New York, and Ohio

Curriculum Updates

  • Added improvements to Chemistry activities

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


Standards Alignments

  • Alignments available through the Odyssey Curriculum Index and Odyssey Test Builder’s Learning Paths:
    • North Carolina Common Core Integrated High School Math
    • Alaska Math and Language Arts K‐12
    • California Common Core Math & Language Arts K‐12 & High School Integrated Math for Common Core
    • Arizona Common Core Math and Language Arts K‐12 & High School Integrated Math for Common Core
    • Common Core Integrated High School Math
  • Updated alignments for NWEA MAP™ Common Core assessments
  • Updated alignments for NWEA MAP™ Arizona assessments

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes


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