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New Learning Activities

  • New content added for grades 3-5 for Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia for Math and ELA, and Minnesota for Math

Standards Alignments

  • Updated alignments to the new Indiana State Standards for K12 Math and ELA
  • Updated standards coding for grades K12 Math and ELA for Tennessee
  • Updated alignments and new diagnostic items for the new Alabama Science Standards, for the following courses:
    • Grade 6 Earth and Space Science
    • Grade 7 Life Science
    • Grade 8 Physical Science
    • HS Physical Science
    • HS Biology
    • HS Chemistry
    • HS Physics
    •  HS Earth and Space Science

Enhanced Import Option for External Assessments

We’ve made an improvement to “Option 4” when importing test results for NWEA™, Scantron™, or Renaissance Learning™ assessments. “Option 4” allows students to continue working on any existing external test assignments if their score is in the same range as a previous test score, and receive a new assignment if they have scored in a different range.

Starting with this release, students who have completed assignments but score in the same range as their previous test score will be assigned a new copy of the completed assignments. Previously, students did not receive a new assignment if they had completed a previous assignment and scored in the same range.

Pathblazer Updates

  • “Reset Screener” function can now be used to re-enable the screener assessment for one or more students

Maintenance and Bug Fixes

  • User names character limit has increased to 60, which is an increase from the previous limit of 30 characters
  • This release also features routine maintenance, system improvements, and bug fixes
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