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Edgenuity Student Experience – Educator Resources

This page is intended to be the one-stop place for any educator to find all of the info they need on the student experience. Click any link below to jump to a specific section.

Resources for Educators:
Overview Video
How To Opt-In
Student Orientation Videos:
By Grade Metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my students be switched to the new Student Experience?

Student accounts will be switched to the new student experience the evening of September 5, 2019, unless you choose to make the switch before that for your schools. See How to Opt-in to the New Edgenuity Student Experience Video

After the switch on September 5, 2019, what happens when a student logs in?

Active sessions won’t be disrupted. The next time the student logs in,


  • The student will land in the new student experience. There will be no way to return to the old student experience
  • On the home page, the student will see the Actual Grade for each course, unless you change your school’s primary grade metric before the switch. See How Do I Select my Primary Grade Metric?
  • The new orientation video will launch immediately, if the student profile has Require Orientation Video set to On. The new orientation video will launch even if the student has already watched the old orientation video, and even if the student is in the middle of a course. See What if I Want to Change the ‘Require Orientation Video’ Setting?
  • The new orientation video will reference the Actual Grade, unless you change your school’s primary grade metric before the switch. See How Do I Select my Primary Grade Metric?. The Home Page orientation video is 2.5 minutes long, and the Course Map Page orientation video is 5 minutes long.
How do I opt my schools in to the new experience early?

To learn how to opt your school in to the Student Experience before it, watch the video “How to Opt-in to the New Edgenuity Student Experience Video”, later on this page.

How do I select my primary grade metric (Overall, Actual, Relative)?

Each school can select one primary grade metric, which will appear on the student’s Homepage. If desired, schools can also select additional grade metrics to display for students on the Course Report. This choice must be made at the school level. It cannot be configured individually for different courses or students. By default, all schools will be set to display the Overall grade as primary and have no secondary grade metrics. If your school wishes to change the default, District or School Administrators will be able to do so.

How do I make sure the ‘Require Orientation Video’ setting is turned on for all my students? What if I Want to Change the setting?

You can enable the Orientation Video for multiple students. This option can also be disabled if needed. 

How can I preview the new Edgenuity Student Experience before it is made available to my students?

You can preview the new Student Experience now by logging in at with the same username and password you use to log in as an educator. You do not need to opt into the new Student Experience to have this available; it is available to all educators in all schools.

Will anything change for parents?

No, the family portal and report emails will continue to operate the same as they do today.

Will the Chat feature still be available in the Student Experience?

The Chat feature is no longer available. Feel free to use the email feature instead. There is now a prominent alert for students to see when they have an email.

Does Edgenuity provide any teacher resources to ensure that students watched and understood the orientation videos??

Yes, Edgenuity has a two assessment options- a downloadable quiz and an interactive one. Both can be found in the Student Orientation Video Assessment Options section. 

How does the new student experience help students stay on track with progress?

The new student experience offers a few different ways to help students stay on top of their progress. The Course Map provides the due dates for each activity. If an activity is overdue, then an indicator appears next to that activity. Also, students always have the option to view the Course Report which can be used as a printable assignment calendar. 

How does the new Student Experience help students find their teachers’ feedback?

Once a student lands on the Course Map, s/he will see a "You have feedback" alert at the top. There will also be a comment indicator next to the activity that contains the feedback.

How do students access the scores and activity report in the new Student Experience?

This report has been replaced with the new Course Report. Students can find this by scrolling to the top of the Course Map page, after clicking on a class card from the home page.

Will the new experience still work on all the browsers?

The new experience will not work in Internet Explorer. To complete their work, Edgenuity encourages users to find a different browser for students.

Introduction to the Edgenuity Student Experience

New Edgenuity Student Experience Overview Video (30:38)

This webinar gives a preview of the new Edgenuity Student Experience and talks about the timeframe for official launch.

How to Opt-in to the New Edgenuity Student Experience Video (3:05)

This video details how to opt in to the new Edgenuity Student Experience and how to set the preferred grade metrics.


Prefer step-by-step directions on how to opt-in and select a grade metric for the New Student Experience? Use these pages:

Select the Grade Metric for the Student Experience Enable the New Student Experience


Looking for a way to introduce your staff to Edgenuity's New Student Experience? Check out this informational resource. It can be tailored to your district/school's information as well. 

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Student Orientation Videos

When the setting “Require Student to Watch Orientation Video” has been enabled on the student profile, that student will be required to watch two short videos. The first video by grade metric is presented when they log into Edgenuity for the first time. The second video appears when the student accesses the Course Map for the first time.

Orientation By Grade Metric Videos

Edgenuity has three grade metrics for a school to choose to be displayed on the student's home page. Based on the administrator’s selections, students will either see the Overall Grade, Actual Grade, or Relative Grade on their new student experience home page. We have a video for each grade option, the only difference being the grade metric displayed. Please watch the video that pertains to your administrator’s default grade selection.
Student Orientation Video- Overall Grade (2:21) Student Orientation Video- Actual Grade (2:30) Student Orientation Video- Relative Grade (2:25)

Use these Overall Grade, Actual Grade, or Relative Grade codes to embed in an external link.

Course Map (5:03)

If the student’s profile has the setting “Require Student to Watch Orientation Video” enabled, the student is also required to watch this video the first time they access the Course Map page.

Use this code to embed in an external link.


Student Orientation Video + Course Map Video Combined (7:12)

If you want to show the Overall Grade video plus the new Course Map video at one time, you can use this video below.


Use this code to embed in an external link.

Student Orientation Video Assessment Options

Educators can click the image below to download a printable quiz (4 pages) that can be taken as students watch the two videos: Orientation Video by Grade Metric and Course Map.


There is also an interactive quiz option that students can take after watching those two videos. This quiz does not have any scoring options available. Educators can preview this quiz. This link immediately downloads the interactive quiz.


To easily share this quiz with students, copy and email this link:

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