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Managing Students

Administrators, and educators with certain permissions, have the option to manage individual and multiple student accounts. Use this section to view the actions that can be taken on the Manage Students page.

Managing Students is found under the Students tab.


Find information about the various actions and options available with student accounts. 



Action Image Definition
View My Enrollments MS-homepage-View_my_enrollments.png View the courses added to your account
Add Student MS-homepage-add_student.png With the permission enabled, add a new student account
Page Options MS-homepage-Page_options.png Allows an educator to customize the view of data
Student Account Status MS-homepage-student_account_status.png Find student accounts based on their status 
Search for Students MS-homepage-search_student.png Find a student account by entering his/her name or ID
Advanced MS-homepage-advanced.png Enter terms for students to exclude
Filtering the Student List MS-homepage-filters.png Utilize the provided filters to narrow down the list of students based on the specific criteria selected




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