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Edgenuity Help Center

Enrolling Yourself in a Course

Use this page to add classes to your educator account. As an educator you can view the courses without having to complete the assignments.
  1. Under the Students tab, select Manage Students.

    Click the Manage Students button from the homepage. 

  1. Click the Select My Account button. 
  2. Select the Add Course link. 
    MS- Enroll in Course- click add course.png
  3. Use the filters to find the course. Click Search to find the courses that fall under the filter. 
    MS- Enroll in Course- filters.png
  4. Checkmark the course(s) to add. The courses checkmarked will appear at the top of the page. 
    MS- Enroll in Course- check courses.png
  5. Click Add Selected Courses.
    MS- Enroll in Course- add selected courses.png
  6. A notification window will require a confirmation to add the course(s) listed. Click Submit.
    MS- Enroll in Course- submit.png
  7. A confirmation window will show the course(s) were added successfully.
    MS- Enroll in Course- confirmation.png
  8. Log in with your educator credentials to the student learning experience.
    MC- Assign yourself to course- log in to student account.png
  9. The courses just assigned, and any previously assigned courses, will populate under My Course List. Click the name of the course to view its contents.
    MC- Assign yourself to course- my course list.png