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Text-to-Speech in the Student Learning Experience

Use these steps to show a student how to hear text on the screen in a different language.

Text-to-speech must be enabled before it will show on the student's view. Learn how to enable text-to-speech, for a single student or multiple students

  1. Have the student select the tile for the course.
  2. Open the next activity.
    MS- SLE-homepage-course_map-next_activity.png
  3. Select the + sign.
    MS-SLE- Student section- select the plus sign.png
  4. Select Transcript.
    MS-SLE- Student section- select transcript.png
  5. In the upper, right hand corner of the screen click the arrow next to English. The student will select the language of his/her choice. To find additional languages, click More.
    MS-SLE- enable translation- student selection screen.png

    For the task pages in the instruction, throughout the assignment and assessment, a student will need to re-select the language as it resets as the frames change.

    For students who need it read aloud in English, the language is already defaulted. Move to the next step.

  6. Highlight the text in the transcript that one wants to be read aloud.
    MS-SLE- Student section- highlight transcript.png
  7. Hover over the headphones button.
    MS-SLE- Student section- select headphones.png
  8. Push the play icon MS-SLE- Student section- play icon.png.
    MS-SLE- Student section- select play icon.png
  9. This is how it would look for students once the language has been selected.
    MS-SLE- texttospeech gif.gif

    Unable to see the clip? Here is an image of it:

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