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Viewing Diagnostic Test Results

When Prescriptive Testing is enabled, the first activity in the course is the diagnostic test. Once a student submits the assessment, the course will be customized for them.

Need to set the prescriptive testing option for a course? Click here to learn how.

  1. Under the Students tab, type the student's name in the search bar.
    MS-Selected Students tab- search student.png
  2. Click the student's name once it appears below the search box.
    MS-Selected Students tab- click Student name.png
  3. The student's name will emerge to the left of the other tabs.
    MS-Selected Students tab- gold tab.png
  1. Under the student's name tab, click View Courses.
    MS- selected student- viewing courses- select view courses.png
  2. Select the radio button next to the course.
    View Diagnostic Test- click VT.png
  3. Click Diagnostic Test.
    View Diagnostic Test- Click Diagnostic Test.png
  4. The test results are displayed and color coded.
    View diagnostic test- results of test.png
    • Lessons in blue remain in the course. Students are assigned these lessons and must complete the lesson activities.
    • Lessons in green with a check mark are removed from the course because the student has successfully answered the related question on the diagnostic test. Students are not required to take these lessons and will not have access to them either. They are completely customized out of the course.

      If an educator feels the student has not yet mastered this content, or perhaps maybe guessed the correct answer, he/she can customize this course and add a lesson(s) back so the student must complete the activities. When done, the lesson will automatically update on this report from green text to blue text.

      The same is true if a student is assigned a specific lesson and the educator feels he/she has already mastered the content. Simply remove the lesson from the course, in which case the lesson will change from blue text to green text.

      This report will update with any customizations that are applied to the course, even after the diagnostic test has been submitted.

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