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Edgenuity Student Experience Beta – Educator Resources

The new student experience is now available for schools to opt in to early access Beta testing. This page is intended to be the one-stop place for any educator to find all of the info they need on the new student experience in beta release. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Beta” mean?

Beta new student experience is fully tested, but some features will not be available at first. Depending on whether your school uses those features, you may choose to wait until additional features have been added to the new student experience before enabling it for your students.

What features are not available yet?

As of January 15 2019, we haven’t released the Email feature. The Email icon will appear in the site header, but clicking it does not do anything.

How do students access the scores and activity report in the new Beta version?

This report has been replaced with the new Course Report. Students can find this by scrolling to the top of the Course Map page, after clicking on a class card from the home page.

How can I preview the new Edgenuity Student Experience before it is made available to my students?

You can preview the new student experience now by logging in at with the same username and password you use to log in as an educator. You do not need to opt into the Beta program to have this available; it will be available to all educators in all schools.

I’m excited to be part of the Beta test! How do I give my feedback?

On the new Home Page or Course Map page, scroll to the page footer. Click the Got Feedback? button, type your feedback into the field, and submit. We look forward to hearing from you!

How will I opt my school in?

To learn how to opt your school in to the Beta, watch the video “How to Opt-in to the New Edgenuity Student Experience Beta Video”, later on this page.

I’ve heard that the new student experience will allow schools to control which grade metrics (Overall, Actual, Relative) display for students. How will that work?

Each school can select one primary grade metric, which will appear on the student’s Homepage. If desired, schools can also select additional grade metrics to display for students on the Course Report. This choice must be made at the school level. It cannot be configured individually for different courses or students. By default, all schools will be set to display the Overall grade as primary and have no secondary grade metrics. If your school wishes to change the default, District or School Administrators will be able to do so.

What if our school opts into the new student experience and then we change our minds? Will we be able to go back to the current experience?

Yes. Any school will be able to return to the old student experience up until the time it is permanently sunset in the summer of 2019.

Can we enable this for specific students?

No. The beta student experience is enabled at the school level. So it can be enabled for individual schools or for the entire district. Please watch the video “How to Opt-in to the New Edgenuity Student Experience Beta Video”, later on this page.

Will Beta students be able to go back to the current student experience if they want to?

Yes, both the old and the new experience will be available, and students will be able to go back and forth between them, until the old experience is removed in the summer of 2019.

Does the new student experience include a new orientation video?

If the student profile has Require Orientation Video set to On, then the first time the student clicks the white link in the legacy experience to jump to the new experience, one of the three ORIENTATION BY GRADE METRIC videos will play, depending on the school’s Preferred Grade Metric setting. The orientation video is about 2 ½ minutes long. Then also, once the student clicks on a course tile to navigate to the course map, the COURSE MAP video will display, which is about 5 minutes.

Will everything in the current student experience be eventually included in the new student experience?

Mostly, yes. However, please note the following exceptions:

  • The Chat Manager will not be available in the new student experience. This features was rarely used and is being sunset. The chat feature students use to contact our Instructional Services teachers and coaches will be included, however.
  • Secure Station will not be supported in the new student experience. This features relies on Java and is not compatible with many newer browsers. Instead, schools should plan to use IP Registry to control student access from outside the school network.
  • The new student experience will not run on Internet Explorer. Edgenuity is ending support for this browser entirely in 2019. Please plan to move to any other supported browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.
Will anything change for parents?

No, the family portal and report emails will continue to operate the same as they do today.

Introduction to the Edgenuity Student Experience

New Edgenuity Student Experience Overview Video (30:38)

This webinar gives a preview of the new Edgenuity Student Experience and talks about the timeframe for Beta testing and beyond.


How to Opt-in to the New Edgenuity Student Experience Beta Video (3:05)

This video details how to opt in to the new Edgenuity Student Experience and how to set the preferred grade metrics.


Student Orientation Videos

Course Map (4:52)

If the student’s profile has the setting “Require Student to Watch Orientation Video” enabled, the student will be required to watch this video the first time they access the course map page.


Orientation By Grade Metric Videos

Edgenuity has three grade metrics for a school to choose to be displayed on the student's home page. Based on the administrator’s selections, students will either see the Overall Grade, Actual Grade, or Relative Grade on their new student experience home page. We have a video for each grade option, the only difference being the grade metric displayed. Please watch the video that pertains to your administrator’s default grade selection.
Student Orientation Video- Overall Grade (2:21) Student Orientation Video- Actual Grade (2:30) Student Orientation Video- Relative Grade (2:25)



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