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World Languages

World Languages
Provided by Powerspeak12®, our foreign language courses are aligned to state and national (ACTFL) standards and help students build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and communications in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Latin.

Edgenuity offers two years of middle school instruction in five languages: Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Latin. These two years cover the same content as the first course in the high-school sequence, but more slowly and with additional activities. If a student has completed both years of a language at the middle school level, he or she will be ready to go into the second course in the high school sequence. For example, Spanish 1 and 2 for middle school contains the same content as Spanish I for high school. A student is ready for Spanish II when he or she has completed either Spanish 1 and 2, or Spanish I. 

Edgenuity also offers AP Spanish and French, which focus on language and culture. These are not literature courses and are designed to prepare students for the language and culture AP exam. These courses are only offered as year-long courses.  

We recommend all students watch the Powerspeak12® Getting Started Video as it helps to acclimate them to the system, and prepare them for the requirements of their course. The transcript to this video can be found here.

In world language courses students also must use special characters depending on the alphabet of the target language. To type special characters on a standard keyboard use this cheat sheet.


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