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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the keyboard shortcuts to type special characters?
Use this cheat sheet.
How long does it take a student to finish a lesson?
Approximately 45 minutes.

Edgenuity partners with Powerspeak® to offer our language courses. Therefore, there are some differences between the functionality in a regular Edgenuity course and world language courses provided by Powerspeak.

What’s the Same?

  • Enrolling a student into a Powerspeak course is the same as the enrollment process for any other Edgenuity course.
  • The Course Structure can be viewed in the same place within the Edgenuity system. When logged into your educator account view the Course Structure page, then click on the in the Powerspeak console that shows the entire course structure by week and lesson.
  • Teachers must grade assignments in Powerspeak similar to other Edgenuity courses. Most assignments are objective and automatically graded by the system, but the speaking and writing activities must be graded by a teacher who speaks the target language. Edgenuity is able to provide grading services for these assignments, so please contact your local representative to inquire about this service.

What’s Different?

  • A headset is needed in language courses as students need to listen and record audio using a microphone and speakers.
  • The system requirements for Powerspeak are different than Edgenuity, so be sure to test plugins, cookies, bandwith, and font (for special characters).
  • Powerspeak courses have their own management console (Learning Management System or LMS). This LMS for a course can be launched from a student's Gradebook by clicking Manage Powerspeak link. 
  • Powerspeak has its own Gradebook. The traditional Edgenuity Gradebook treats the entire course as a single activity. Every session will appear in the Other Attempts section of the Edgenuity Gradebook for the Powerspeak course. 
  • Edgenuity's progress report will accurately display the student's completion progress and current grade for the course, but not the scores earned on specific activities. To view the scores for specific activities, use the Powerspeak Gradebook.
  • Customization has to be done via the Powerspeak console and not the Customize link in the Course Actions menu. 
  • The course options are restricted for Powerspeak courses. Altering the options that appear in the Edit Options page will not have an impact on how the course functions. 
    • Pretesting cannot be used with world languages courses.
  • Secure station will not work with language courses because the Edgenuity platform cannot distinguish Powerspeak assessments from other activities. As such, students are not prevented from accessing assessments from non-authorized computers.
  • The Edgenuity Toolbar does not work on Powerspeak courses because it has the ability to perform basic translation functions. Therefore it would not be appropriate to provide this resource in a world language course.
  • The Session Log will track active and idle time for courses in Powerspeak, but will not count the completed number of activities. 

Powerspeak's full course is 180 lessons while the semester has 90 lessons. Students are expected to do to one lesson per day. 


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